The DiSC Personality Test and Dealing With Change As A Manager

ChangesChange Is Happening Every Day

A manager must contend with the ever-changing world we live in these days.  The shifting economic situation and the rate at which technology is developing mean that the marketplace you are operating in can easily change and you must be aware of this.  There could be a situation where your business is abruptly bought out by another competing company or your company’s approach in doing business goes in a new path.  You may find that a rival is eating away at your company’s share of the market and is unable to stem the tide.  The way you handle change can make a significant difference to your future success and in this article we’ll look at ways you can succeed despite any obstacles.

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DiSC Profile: 15 Top Uses

DiSC Profile15 DiSC Profile Top Uses Overview

There are numerous ways to use The DiSC Profile.  Fundamentally individuals in addition to businesses make use of it to improve and understand themselves, associates, family members, co-workers, customers, and also prospective customers to further improve themselves and expand their own organizations.  The DiSC Profile is really a non-judgmental, self-interpreted instrument for the purpose of comprehending behavioral styles and types.  It is expressly developed to assist people to discover personality and also behavior the way it is applicable to various circumstances within their individual and professional day-to-day lives.

The DiSC Personality Test has been around in use in excess of 4 decades.  It has been utilized by greater than 50 million people around the world and each year far more than one million people apply it professionally and personally in order to develop essential interpersonal expertise in the areas of:

  • Personal Communication
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Reduction and Resolution
  • Frontline Management Development
  • Leadership Advancement
  • Sales and Customer Service

For a more detailed explanation visit: The Top 15 Uses for The DiSC Profile

For those looking for further details and world class assistance with their DiSC Tests we urge you to checkout our sister site at IntesiResources employs a Certified DiSC Trainer on staff along with being an Inscape Authorized Distributor.

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All About The DiSC Personality

DiSC-PersonalityWhenever we come into contact with anybody, we start to analyze them and try to understand their personality. Most of us do this subconsciously, but we actually base a lot of our decisions on the amateur psychology we unwittingly engage in. Personality psychologists do the same thing, albeit on a more professional level.

Our amateur psychology efforts talk about individuals, but psychologist actually use concepts that they can apply to everybody. By studying personalities, a range of different hypotheses have been created that are designed to tell us why we have certain personality traits.

Aspects of Personality

There are hundreds of personality theories. However, before looking into these, it is important to understand just what personality is. Basically, it is the pattern of our thoughts, our behaviors and our feelings. The combination of these makes us individuals. Personality is something that stays with us forever and it makes us respond in similar ways whenever we come across specific situations.

Personality is found within individuals and is a constant factor throughout life. It is developed through genetic make up, but also through life experiences – nature and nurture. Personality develops very early on and is seen as more than just behaviors. It describes the characteristics that make people unique.

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Understanding The Everything DiSC Assessment

The Everything DiSC Assessment is the most powerful and up to date version of DiSC yet. It is the third generation model and the one that is used most frequently across the world. Based on scientific approaches to assess personality and with the knowledge on how to develop critical interpersonal business skills, the program allows people to understand themselves and others much better. The assessment has many unique parts, which allows it to measure priorities specific to a certain topic, such as sales, leadership, workplace development, management and so on. It includes in depth information, action plans, strategies and tips that help participants to become more effective.

Anybody who takes the Everything DiSC assessment will have their results plotted on a circle, known as the Everything DiSC Map. The assessment provides participants with statements, to which they need to respond on a five point scale, which shows their agreement or disagreement with each of the statements. The traditional line-graph format used in the DiSC Classic profiles measures each of the scores separately. However, in the new format, the scores are integrated, placed around eight scales equally space on the circle itself.

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The DiSC Model And DiSC Profile

In the book “Emotions of Normal People”, written by William Moulton Marston, published in 1928, we were first introduced to the DiSC model, still used in the DiSC profile today. Since then, more than a 50 million people worldwide have completed the profile. The assessment itself was developed four decades ago and has been popular ever since. We have now seen three generations of the DiSC Profile, results of our continuing dedication to quality, validity and accuracy.

The 1st Generation DiSC Profile

1-disc-profileThe very first generation, known as the DiSC Classic Paper Profile, was first known as the Personal Profile System. Now, it is simply called the DiSC Classic. This is the paper version, which comes in a booklet. It includes a 20 page DiSC Classic paper profile. The questionnaire has 28 boxes with four words per box. The participant then chooses which one of the four words is most like them, as well as picking which one of the four words is the least like them. Simply rub the box that comes after the applicable word to continue. Naturally, the booklet includes instructions on scoring and creating a graph with the results. It is very easy to interpret the DiSC Profile. This version is perfect for those people who do not have internet access.

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