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All About The DiSC Personality

DiSC-PersonalityWhenever we come into contact with anybody, we start to analyze them and try to understand their personality. Most of us do this subconsciously, but we actually base a lot of our decisions on the amateur psychology we unwittingly engage in. Personality psychologists do the same thing, albeit on a more professional level.

Our amateur psychology efforts talk about individuals, but psychologist actually use concepts that they can apply to everybody. By studying personalities, a range of different hypotheses have been created that are designed to tell us why we have certain personality traits.

Aspects of Personality

There are hundreds of personality theories. However, before looking into these, it is important to understand just what personality is. Basically, it is the pattern of our thoughts, our behaviors and our feelings. The combination of these makes us individuals. Personality is something that stays with us forever and it makes us respond in similar ways whenever we come across specific situations.

Personality is found within individuals and is a constant factor throughout life. It is developed through genetic make up, but also through life experiences – nature and nurture. Personality develops very early on and is seen as more than just behaviors. It describes the characteristics that make people unique.

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