Understanding The Everything DiSC Assessment

The Everything DiSC Assessment is the most powerful and up to date version of DiSC yet. It is the third generation model and the one that is used most frequently across the world. Based on scientific approaches to assess personality and with the knowledge on how to develop critical interpersonal business skills, the program allows people to understand themselves and others much better. The assessment has many unique parts, which allows it to measure priorities specific to a certain topic, such as sales, leadership, workplace development, management and so on. It includes in depth information, action plans, strategies and tips that help participants to become more effective.

Anybody who takes the Everything DiSC assessment will have their results plotted on a circle, known as the Everything DiSC Map. The assessment provides participants with statements, to which they need to respond on a five point scale, which shows their agreement or disagreement with each of the statements. The traditional line-graph format used in the DiSC Classic profiles measures each of the scores separately. However, in the new format, the scores are integrated, placed around eight scales equally space on the circle itself.

Eight DiSC Assessment Scales

Each participant scores somewhere on these eight scales, which allows the system to place dots on the Everything DiSC Map. The map knows 12 styles or sections. There are the four basic styles – D, i, S and C – and each of these contains a further three regions where the participant’s dot can be placed. The provided feedback depends on the exact location of the dot, as well as the distance between the dot and the circle’s center. The shading of the map is equally important. There are eight words around the map, which stand for the primary areas or priorities of people’s energy focus. The closer the shaded part is to a priority, the more likely they are to focus on that part.

The Everything DiSC Assessment

The questions that are provided in the assessment were updated in July 2012. It is now based on Adaptive Testing, making the process more interactive. It means that specific questions are asked of people depending on their answers to previous questions. This makes the mapping of the styles even more accurate. For instance, if there is an inconsistency in the responses, or if two styles are very close in strength, further questions will be asked to determine exactly where the true score should lie.

The data provided through adaptive testing is completely incorporated in the assignments. Because of this, participants can see how their priorities reflect their personal style. Through the personalized shaded area, a participant can see whether there are additional priorities that they could include that don’t normally fit within their DiSC style. These are known as unexpected priorities and are denoted through striped shading. Since the assessment uses eight scales to measure a participant’s priorities, the results on individual DiSC styles are far more accurate.

Because the map is provided in a circular form, the different layers of the model can easily be applied to people’s own profession, making the entire system very relevant. It is easy to understand how the scores relate to personal goals and developmental needs, and how it is possible to build better connections with coworkers. This improves the general atmosphere within the workplace and allows people to become more productive as well.

Everything DiSC Workplace Map

The Everything DiSC Workplace Map is designed to help people gain greater understanding on how to approach their jobs. Regardless of the role a participant has within the organization, the map can provide a huge range of information that allows them to build on their preferences and priorities. It teaches them about their own styles, but also about the styles of others and how they can work together more effectively.

Everything DiSC Management Map

The Everything DiSC Management Map is designed for managers and helps them to learn how they should approach their jobs, as well as how to bring the best points out of each employee. It teaches them how to read the styles of different employees and how they can change their own styles to be more effective managers.

Everything DiSC Sales Map

Everything DiSC Sales is designed to help salespeople better engage with their customers. They learn how to read DiSC styles so that they are able to meet the needs of their customers. This has the potential to increase profit and customer satisfaction.

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Map

With the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders users were provided with 360 for the first time. Many organizations now use 360 degree feedback for leadership development. The map is very useful for this, whether they want emerging leaders to have more opportunities, or whether they want to ensure the senior managers are deployed appropriately.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Map

This is a unique program for leadership development. It breaks leadership down into three steps: vision, alignment and execution. The program includes best practices in leadership, so that emerging leaders can develop and experienced executives can have their skills better deployed. The included follow-up tools keep the training alive.

Comparison Reports can always be created so that two participants can see where they are similar and different in each of the six areas. This report is designed to make communication better and to improve efficiency. It also reduces tensions.

There is the Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators, which gives more detailed data on the assessment, including unexpected items on any respondent’s questionnaire. Another supplement is 363 for Leaders Coaching Supplement, which is used to feedback the leader.

It is important to learn your own DiSC style, because it teaches you to be more aware of your fears, strengths, motivators, stressors and challenges. It teaches you how to apply your new-found knowledge to build better relationships with others.

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