The DiSC Personality Test and Dealing With Change As A Manager

ChangesChange Is Happening Every Day

A manager must contend with the ever-changing world we live in these days.  The shifting economic situation and the rate at which technology is developing mean that the marketplace you are operating in can easily change and you must be aware of this.  There could be a situation where your business is abruptly bought out by another competing company or your company’s approach in doing business goes in a new path.  You may find that a rival is eating away at your company’s share of the market and is unable to stem the tide.  The way you handle change can make a significant difference to your future success and in this article we’ll look at ways you can succeed despite any obstacles.

AttitudeAttitude Is Everything

You need to review whether any of the changes that may be taking place are within your control.  If for instance your organization has to reduce staffing levels or sell to a competitor, these are decisions that you have to acknowledge and work with.  However, if your company decides to hit a specific sales milestone, you have the ability to rally your team and make it happen.  At times you may feel opposition within yourself and this should be overcome by adopting a more positive attitude.  With a positive disposition, you can see opportunities when other people see only problems which will make you look good in the long run.

DiSC Profile TrainingKnowledge and DiSC Profile Training Is Key

The key to approach any situation is to plan thoroughly and focus what should be done to welcome a changing marketplace.  It may be that more training is necessary for your employees or you will require to consult with others to agree a way forward.  You need to focus on taking action and not stress about what may happen. In fact, an excellent managerial quality is the ability to be adaptable and if you can carry on in spite of any challenges, this will help your career in the end.  Understand yourself and your staff is key–one way to accomplish that is the assessment process.  Assessing your self and your staff, using a DiSC Personality Test, reveals how everyone deals with change.  To reinforce the assessment process add DiSC Training after all the assessments are complete.

Think Of Your Staff First

You also should think of your employees when changes start to take place in your organization.  While you may very well be okay with changes, it is possible that some people in your staff are having difficulties to accept it.  If you realize it is just fear, then you can prove your leadership skills in this instance.  This really depends on the way in which you communicate with people and if you are truthful and keep them up to date, you can gain their admiration.  Essentially, you want your team to get through the challenges so you have to listen to their concerns and show your confidence in them.

Don’t Wait – Take Action

If you see changes in your field, you should take action whether it is learning new skills or understanding what is taking place.  If you anticipate change and continue to be focused to the ultimate aim, every new situation will be an opportunity and not a challenge.

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