DiSC Profile: 15 Top Uses

DiSC Profile15 DiSC Profile Top Uses Overview

There are numerous ways to use The DiSC Profile.  Fundamentally individuals in addition to businesses make use of it to improve and understand themselves, associates, family members, co-workers, customers, and also prospective customers to further improve themselves and expand their own organizations.  The DiSC Profile is really a non-judgmental, self-interpreted instrument for the purpose of comprehending behavioral styles and types.  It is expressly developed to assist people to discover personality and also behavior the way it is applicable to various circumstances within their individual and professional day-to-day lives.

The DiSC Personality Test has been around in use in excess of 4 decades.  It has been utilized by greater than 50 million people around the world and each year far more than one million people apply it professionally and personally in order to develop essential interpersonal expertise in the areas of:

  • Personal Communication
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Reduction and Resolution
  • Frontline Management Development
  • Leadership Advancement
  • Sales and Customer Service

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The DiSC Profile Model was initially written in 1928 by William Moulton Marston as part of his book, “Emotions of Normal People”.   William Moulton Marston is considered the father of the DiSC Model.  More than a million men and women throughout the world have completed a DiSC Profile annually since initial assessment was created in excess of Forty years ago.  As a direct result of a robust dedication to sustaining high quality, accuracy and reliability and validity, we now have experienced 3 iterations of the DiSC Profile.  Marston’s numerous undertakings range from the Wonder Woman Comic Books; the Lie Detector Test; an important publication on directing motion picture actors; and many more.  William Moulton Marston is a giant who left behind substantial footprints and also a vibrant history that will continue to impact many people currently as well as in the longer term.

Top 15 Uses for The DiSC Profile

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