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Understanding The Everything DiSC Assessment

The Everything DiSC Assessment is the most powerful and up to date version of DiSC yet. It is the third generation model and the one that is used most frequently across the world. Based on scientific approaches to assess personality and with the knowledge on how to develop critical interpersonal business skills, the program allows people to understand themselves and others much better. The assessment has many unique parts, which allows it to measure priorities specific to a certain topic, such as sales, leadership, workplace development, management and so on. It includes in depth information, action plans, strategies and tips that help participants to become more effective.

Anybody who takes the Everything DiSC assessment will have their results plotted on a circle, known as the Everything DiSC Map. The assessment provides participants with statements, to which they need to respond on a five point scale, which shows their agreement or disagreement with each of the statements. The traditional line-graph format used in the DiSC Classic profiles measures each of the scores separately. However, in the new format, the scores are integrated, placed around eight scales equally space on the circle itself.

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